Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fence is not an inexpensive option when considering home improvement projects. Therefore, we understand that every penny counts when considering a contractor to do work at your house.

Not only will we provide you with a virtually maintenance free vinyl fence, patio cover, or gate, but our expertise allows us to ensure that your project is beautiful 20 years from the date it is installed.

  • Vinyl is supposed to look nicer than wood. Not cheaper!
  • This is one of those Home Depot panels. Sure looks sloppy!
  • This is someone’s brand new vinyl deck. Really bad workmanship!
  • Don’t you think that patio cover canopy should be even.
  • – This is a ranch fence job we were called to repair. The contractor short cutted the install and only put 6” of concrete in the hole. He thought that would keep horses in? Yikes!
  • Again! A general contractor hired to save some money, but look how bad it turned out.
  • All of these pictures were installed by the same company. This company is now a well advertised “Vinyl Specialist”. Just goes to show, you have to do your homework.
  • ---> Walls are installed wrong
  • ---> sagging staircase
  • ---> The Deck is not level with the sliding glass door. Looks like a major hazard.
  • ---> Finish work is very sloppy.
  • ---> Shims are used a lot to level gate openings but this looks ridiculous.