Vinyl Fences

Not all Gates are created equal!!!!!!!! A gate is the most used item of your fence replacement project. Therefore, your gate should receive the most attention of your project. What color, style, design are the hinges?

How is the gate constructed, ie vinyl welded frame, aluminum rivets, post frame, etc…? Is the gate made to fit the opening, or is the opening made to fit the gate? Below are just a few of the many “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of vinyl gates.

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  • This gate has ugly wood “T-Strap” hinges and an unnecessary cross brace.
  • Count how many posts are in this picture. Unnecessary!
  • Yet another unnecessary cross brace. They sure are ugly!
  • I count 5 posts in this little area. Yikes!
  • This company at least used wall mounts on the houses, but those post frame gates sure look cheap!
  • Look at the top rail of the gate and see how it doesn’t match up with the top rail of the fence. Sloppy!
  • This gate has a painted metal frame. Why do a vinyl gate with a metal frame when you can use vinyl for the frame?
  • Ugly wood “T-Strap” hinges, again. Wood guys love to use these hinges.
  • Look at the huge gaps between the gate and gate posts. Not very private! And how about those BIG BLACK HINGES. Not very attractive.
  • This is what happens when you hire a general fence contractor to install a vinyl fence. BUYER BEWARE!
  • You might save a few bucks but this is what your Home Depot fence will look like in a few months. Cheap!
  • Yet another cheap post frame gate with a cross brace. If the gate is made right there is no need for a cross brace.
  • I don’t know what to say about this except for it looks like they were trying to jerry rig a small gate into a bigger opening.
  • Whoops! That gate looks a little too short for the fence.
  • – This HOA has called us out several times to repair this gate that was installed by another company. Horrible!